Quantcast Celebrity Status Quo: July 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Girls Behaving Badly- NOT!

Well...this is news. Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton had this statement to make about out favorite triplet girl stars:

"If you notice, since Britney started wearing clothes and behaving; Paris is out of town not bothering anybody anymore, thank God, and evidently, Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don't seem to have much of an issue," Bratton told KNBC-TV.

And to really put it in your face he said this: "If the ones that attract the paparazzi behave in the first place, like we expect of anybody, that solves about 90 percent of the problem. The rest we can deal with," he said.

And as we all know by now several city officials from Malibu to L.A. are trying to draw up new guidelines to keep our friends the paparazzi at bay and plan a 'hearing/meeting', but then our great chief of Los Angeles finished his statement with this remark: "We have sufficient laws on the books" to deal with aggressive paparazzi, he said.

Bratton called the hearing "grandstanding and foolishness" and said he would not take part.

Well..I guess he's the chief.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The meaning of "Love"

(victoria silvstedt)

What is love? According to wikipedia,, there are 4 different types of emotion for 'love'.

Now.. you have your Erotic love', your 'Platonic love', your 'Familial love', and of course you have your 'Romantic love'. We love them all.

To read more about love and all its meaning(s) than you'd ever want to know, click right here

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Unpredictable and unique, elle is the essence of femininity which embodies Yves Saint Laurent. A vibrantly feminine, audacious fragrance that blends dazzling floral and woody notes, including Peony, Pink Berries and Patchouli.

Meet the "Real" Madonna -

Now......first of all we realize that Madonna, may be going through a tough time with husband Guy Ritchie and whatever the deal is with A-Rod, but thats no damn excuse for the material girl to not look her best in public. So..what do you think of the 'real' Madonna?

Séxual Pour Homme Collection. $55-$75 I want it

Séxual Pour Homme is the powerful expression of masculinity. The top note is dominated by mouth-watering Indian Basil, which has a clean, fresh, enticing quality. The middle note, Asian Sage, is the passionate warmth of this love potion. The heart of Séxual Pour Homme is rare and expensive Indian Sandalwood. Indulge in the power and seduction.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

L.A. Shakedown. Earthquakes-

If L.A. thought that was bad, look at what happened in Anchorage Alaska in 1964. On good friday. That quake had a magnitude 9.2!

Want to read about a REAL BIG quake? Great Alaska Earthquake

Heres' how 'wikipedia' describes earthquakes:

An earthquake is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes are recorded with a seismometer, also known as a seismograph. The moment magnitude of an earthquake is conventionally reported, or the related and mostly obsolete Richter magnitude, with magnitude 3 or lower earthquakes being mostly imperceptible and magnitude 7 causing serious damage over large areas. Intensity of shaking is measured on the modified Mercalli scale.

At the Earth's surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by a shaking and sometimes displacement of the ground. When a large earthquake epicenter is located offshore, the seabed sometimes suffers sufficient displacement to cause a tsunami. The shaking in earthquakes can also trigger landslides and occasionally volcanic activity.

In its most generic sense, the word earthquake is used to describe any seismic event—whether a natural phenomenon or an event caused by humans—that generates seismic waves. Earthquakes are caused mostly by rupture of geological faults, huge amounts of gas migration, mainly methane deep within the earth, but also by volcanic activity, landslides, mine blasts, and nuclear experiments.

An earthquake's point of initial rupture is called its focus or hypocenter. The term epicenter means the point at ground level directly above this. read more

Fossil Women's Heart-Dial Pink-Strap Watch.
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Sweet sentiments to warm her heart. Pink croc-embossed leather strap and round stainless steel case. Twinkling Swarovski crystal bezel. White mother-of-pearl dial with logo, heart design and pink Swarovski crystal hearts. Three hands. Quartz movement. Water resistant to 50 meters. Eleven-year limited warranty. Comes packaged in collectible tin.

Interesting: "The Second Sex". A great read.

In her book from 1949, "The Second Sex" decribed as "a detailed analysis of women's oppression and a foundational tract of contemporary feminism", (French: Le Deuxième Sexe, 1949), author Simone de Beauvoir, makes some very interesting points you may want to check out.

You can read more about here book here: The Second Sex.

MICHAEL Michael Kors "Desert" Large Patent Satchel.
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It may be called the Desert satchel, but it's more than a beautiful mirage.
Patent leather.
Double handles with 7 inch drop.
Magnetic snap closure; exterior drawstring.
2 front flap pockets with buckle details; detachable logo charm.
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16" W x 9-1/2" H x 3-1/2" D.

We MUST SAVE Shia LeBeouf!

Dont really know if he wants our help? But at least you can read what he has to say about himself in next months issue of Details mag.

Ray-Ban Classic Metal Frame Sunglasses.
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Special thanks to our friends at "CelebSpleak'!

We want to thank those hard working folks over at CelebSpleak!

The making of a 'Star': Shenae Grimes

This will be the making of a new star, and her name is Shenae Grimes. Shes a fellow canadian and will be the lead in the new "90210" tv series.

Most times the buildout of a new actor backfires. We hope that Shenae will be able to handle her new 'success', as much as her predecessors(read about 'history' of fellow 90210 star, Shannen Doherty. Not an easy task to lead. But remember, their dream is to become a 'Star'. While taking in the limelight is fun and exciting, Hollywood celebrity always has a price. The drugs, bad P.R., alcohol,fake freinds, etc come with that success. Just remember Shenae, while you work to be in the public eye, most things are best kept behind closed doors. The new series also stars Jessica Stroup, Dustin Milligan, Tristan Wilds and Michael Steger. Here at Celebrity Status Quo, we are always for the 'underdog'. The best of luck-

Remember her? Shannen Doherty. Now 37. (Photo from 1991)

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Monday, July 28, 2008

University of Florida voted "Best Student Drunkville"

Now while we realize alot of students dont drink, too many do.

Princeton University has now released its lastest report on the best 'party' colleges. University of Florida(some of the worse grades) came out No#1. Go Gators!

In the 2008 poll of the top 50 colleges, University of Florida is rated #49.

But to their credit, this what a university spokesman said about the school: "The fact that we have three national championships in two years is probably a major contributing factor," spokesman Steve Orlando said. "We know our students like to have a good time."

He defended the school's academic climate, noting Florida's incoming students have a weighted grade-point average of 4.1 and an average SAT score of 1,300.

But lets think about it. If you look at todays economy, outsourcing of U.S. jobs, drug and alcohol use at an all time high, students failing all over the place with some of the worse grades in history, .... do we NEED any more news regarding the best place to attend college so you can 'party'? I dont think so. Its our opinion that only fools party when education is the priority, and thats a fact. The U.S. should be able to rely on todays young people to better prepare for this country's future.

The U.S. is already full of idiots, drunks and dope fiends. Think Mass Production. But you know what? With news like this, dont count on todays partying 'college' students to be better prepared to head off the U.S. foreign global competition. Like their drunk parents, alot of these students will be drunk 'celebrating' somewhere.

Instead of feeling 'honored' they should be 'shamed'. What the hell happened to the parents?

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NBC: King of Olympic broadcast in Beijing

Can you believe that NBC reportedly paid over $900 million to broadcast the Beijing Olympics? And here are just some of the news reporters in Beijing who will provide full coverage: Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Kevin Tibbles, Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, Meredith Vieira, and Richard Engels, all from NBC.

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Textured linen yarns create an endlessly feminine silhouette in this jacket and skirt pairing, from Lauren by Ralph Lauren.

Smog in China still a major concern as Olympics begin.

Officals in China are now taking drastic measures to rid China of some of its worse smog in time for the Olympics. China also has alot of 'mist' mixed in with its smoggy air quality. But some of the smog reduction measures will include clearing alot of cars off the road and closing down some if its major factories in order to cut down on its smog situation.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Collection

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Police in colorado now believe murder of transgender teen was hate crime

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"The Dark Knight' - $300 Million in 10 Days

(The film had made $200 million in 5 days)

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Strapless Silk Dress with Beaded Trim
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Creating a look that is simply radiant, light dances along the petite sequins and beads that frame the neckline of a strapless cocktail dress in luxurious silk dupioni.

Silk; lining: rayon.
Dry clean.
Skirt gently flares at the hem.
Concealed back zip.
Fully lined.
Hits at knee; approximate length at center back (from below open back): 35 inches.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Benicio Del Toro stars " The Wolf Man"

Boss Pure Set I want it.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

"Twilight" is going to be HUGE!

The best website for updated 'Twightlight' information is at http://www.bellaandedward.com

You can view the cast of 'Twilight' at Comic-Con right here!

This Vampire film will blow up on December 12, 2008. Starring Robert Pattinson (as Edward), Kristen Stewart (as Bella), Cam Gigandet (as James), Taylor Lautner (as Jacob), Rachelle LaFevre (as Victoria), and Edi Gathegi.

MICHAEL Michael Kors "Austin" Medium Tote
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Hollywoods Next Big Star: 'Mia Wasikowska'.

Word now has it that 18 year old Canberra born Austrian actress Mia Wasikowska will now get the lead role of "Alice' in Tim Burton's film 'Alice in Wonderland'.

We saw this young women in several performances and we really believed in her ability early on, as do many critics. Its been said that after she studied ballet for years, that she didnt really take up full time acting until 2006. And did she ever.

Mia currently stars in HBO's "In Treatment' in the role of Sophie, a suicidal teenage gymnast who has dreams of being in the Olympics, and she was also nominated for a young actor AFI award for her outstanding role in "Suburban Mayhem' where she appeared with award-winner Emily Barclay(the films theme was of a teenage girls murder of her father). In 2009 she will be seen in 'Amelia' in the role of Elinor Smith.

Mia had this to say: “I just wanted to try a different type of performance – ballet is more an image of perfection, and fi film can show a grittier side… sometimes it’s the more realistic topic of real life that really intrigues me,” she says.

Our impression is that she will become a star due to the fact that she seems to easily be able to portray a series of 'darker' roles, as in 'Suburban, which dealt with durgs, sex and violence.(which would be one reason why perhaps Burton has chosen her to star in "Alice")as his films tend to be 'darker'.

This young women has a very, very big future ahead of her. And the staff at Celebrity Status Quo respects actresses' of this high caliber and we wish Mia the best.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Clarins Sun Lip Balm SPF 6
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A shimmery gloss that brightens lips with luminous, fruity shine while protecting against UV rays and hydrates while ensuring delicious-looking lips all Summer long.

Watch these two cute Red Pandas'!

Lets go "Hollywood' Kids!

Steve Madden "Safari" Satchel
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey, Its Zac and Vanessa and the gang - their back!

"High School Musical 3". Coming and not soon enough, to a theater near you. Image source:http://www.blogger.com/disney.com

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Christian Bale arrested then released on assault charges.

Charges have been filed against Christian Bale in London, where his mother and sister reportedly leveled assault allegations against the star, who can currently be seen in "The Dark Knight".

Bale claims all the charges are false. The Wales-born actor was reported to have been arrested, then questioned by London police, then released on bail. Police said that the 34-year-old actor spent four hours talking with authorities, however Bale was not charged.

According to the British media, Bale's mother and sister had told police Bale assaulted them at the Dorchester Hotel in London sometime on Sunday night, just one day before attending the European premiere of "The Dark Knight." The Sun newspaper stated that the complaint had been filed by Bales sister, Sharon Bale and his mother Jenny Bale.

Bales lawyer had this statement "Christian Bale attended a London police station today on a voluntary basis. Bale, who denies the allegation, cooperated throughout, gave his account in full of the events in question, and has left the station without any charge being made against him by the police."

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Zipper pockets on sides.

How to keep your vagina clean.

This is serious, so dont be a clown.

Here is this months Health Tip!

Now days its best to keep and eye on your health. And if your a women its even more important. With more and more women discovering that they stand a higher risk of cervical cancer(HPV), keeping the vagina area clean becomes all that more important.

SO the question is, are you keeing it clean 'DOWN THERE'?

Some of you dont pay as much attention to 'down there', as one should. Hit that shower daily. Its worth it. And do a very 'lite' douche. Strong douches may kill off the good bacteria, while killing off the bad, so keep it lite!

Heres the best of the best of keeping yourself clean and avoiding STDS, etc.

1. Damn it! USE CONDOMS. Their your first defense. When it comes to sex you need all the protection you can get. Not only do condoms protect against unwanted pregnancies, HIV infections, and STDS, they can also help to keep your vagina cleaner.

2. Watch what type underwear your wearing. Prefer cotton. It breathes! You need air down there. Not more germs circulating. Cotton also helps you to avoid skin irritations in that area.

3. This may sound alittle strange but its been said time and time again, WATCH your sugar intake!. Sugar causes bad bacteria to 'mutate' in the vagina. So use as little as possible. And increase your 'sugar free' yogurt intake. Yogurt, and once again make it sugar free, contains good bacteria that may help also keep you clean.

4. How could you FORGET? Get that damn tampon out of there before it molds! Theres a thing called , TSS, or Toxic Shock Syndrome, and you dont even want to know. It might even kill you if that tampon or pad bacteria builds. Its best to use lighter, smaller tampons/or pads, and change them alot more often. This will also help you to avoid any rashes.

5. Alot of women just to smell good down there and may use sprays, etc. But you need to watch out using strong soaps and most sprays. They can leave 'residue' that can build up into very bad bacteria(s). And watch what 'oil' and soaps you put in that bubble bath!

6. You absolutely MUST get to the gynaecologist at least twice a year. Get there before there IS a problem. The good doctor may uncover things in tests that your unaware of and thats very important. It could even be life saving. So if you feel you may have come down with 'something', see a doctor right away. But you still need to get checked a few a year.

The best of health to you!

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Formulated with Carnosine DP and powerful nutritive supplement Multi-Vitamin BCE, defends against the effects of dryness and pollution. Restores skin density and firmness for younger-looking facial contours. Apply daily in the morning after softening. For maximum results use with NutriPerfect Night Cream.

No, seriously. Its time to wake up!

Come on babe...you cant lay in bed all day....

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Kid Leather Upper / Pat pu bow.
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3-1/2 inch heel.
Man-made sole.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Johnny Depp stars in "Public Enemies"

Johnny Depp in a production still from his upcoming Michael Mann directed movie "Public Enemies".The film also stars Christian Bale and Channing Tatum.

Unforgivable by Sean John Fragrance Collection. $16 - $78. I want it

A breathtaking fragrance expression that says "sexy, rich, unique and passionate." Slightly dangerous, explosive yet cool. Hints of Sicilian Lemon, Champagne, Tuscan Basil and smooth Rum.

Angelina leaves french hospital with twins.

PARIS - Angelina Jolie and her newborn twins early Saturday left the French hospital where she gave birth, the Fondation Lenval said.

Before dawn, the Hollywood superstar left the clinic in the Riviera city of Nice with twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, according to a hospital statement. It was not immediately clear if the twins' father, actor Brad Pitt, was with them.

"The mother and her babies are doing very well," the statement said.

Television cameras outside the hospital filmed a large white van with tinted windows leaving one of the hospital's back entrances at that time. No other vehicles left the hospital for the next several hours.

Jolie checked into the hospital on July 2 and delivered the babies by Cesarian section 10 days later. Knox Leon weighed 5.03 pounds and the Vivienne Marcheline 5 pounds.

The Nice-Matin newspaper has reported that an unnamed U.S. publication has paid $11 million for exclusive rights to the first photos of the Jolie-Pitt twins and that the proceeds will go to charity.

Bulova Women's Diamond Accent Bezel Watch.
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A hallmark of exquisite taste. Polished stainless steel bracelet accented with a brilliant diamond accent bezel and genuine Mother of Pearl. Date function. Water resistant up to 100 meters.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

'The 'Dark Knight' sets weekend record: $155 million.

Batman has sent Spidey packing as king of Hollywood's box-office superheroes.

"The Dark Knight" got very serious this weekend and took in an incredible record $155.34 million, beating out the previous best of $151.1 million for "Spider-Man 3" in May 2007.

Dan Fellman, head of distribution for Warner Bros had this to say:
"We knew it would be big, but we never expected to dominate the marketplace like we did." And boy did it! We hear the film lives up to all of this viewers expectations.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Real Exorcism of Robbie Doe

The True Exorcism of 13 year old Robbie Doe.

Many of the early events in the case were chronicled by the Jesuit priests who later performed the exorcism.

Apparently, a diary was kept and it was the same diary that was heard about by author William Peter Blatty when he was a student at Georgetown University in 1949. Read the true story right here.

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Discover Dior's exciting multi-dimensional eye sensations with these glamorous, shimmering, metallic shades. Glide on smooth and blend effortlessly with a long-lasting, waterproof finish.

The Day a Meteorite Hit Earth -

(Trees knocked over by the Tunguska blast. Photograph from Kulik's 1927 expedition.)


Experts do not know why incidents with meteorites have become so frequent nowadays. One of the versions says that someone in deep black space deliberately bombards the Earth with meteorites.

The Tunguska Event, or Tunguska explosion, was a massive explosion that occurred near the Podkamennaya (Lower Stony) Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia, at around 7:14 a.m. (0:14 UT, 7:02 a.m. local solar time) on June 30, 1908(June 17 in the Julian calendar, in use locally at the time).

Although the cause is the subject of some debate, the explosion was most likely caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5–10kilometres (3–6 miles) above Earth's surface. Different studies have yielded varying estimates for the object's size, with general agreement that it was a few tens of metres across.

Although the meteor or comet burst in the air rather than directly hitting the surface, this event is still referred to as an impact. Estimates of the energy of the blast range from 5 megatons to as high as 30 megatons[5] of TNT, with 10–15 megatons the most likely - roughly equal to the United States' Castle Bravo thermonuclear explosion set off in late February of 1954, about 1000 times more powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan and about one third the power of the Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated. The explosion knocked over an estimated 80 million trees over 2,150 square kilometres (830 square miles).

It is estimated that the earthquake from the blast would have measured 5.0 on the Richter scale, which was not yet developed at the time. An explosion of this magnitude is capable of destroying a large metropolitan area. This possibility has helped to spark discussion of asteroid deflection strategies.

Although the Tunguska event is believed to be the largest impact event on land in Earth's recent history, impacts of similar size in remote ocean areas would have gone unnoticed before the advent of global satellite monitoring in the 1960s and 1970s.Read more about this right here.


One hundred years ago this week, natives of a rural, hilly area northwest of Lake Baikal witnessed what seemed to be the end of the world. Amid loud thunder, "the sky split" into a wall of fire as people were knocked off their feet, scorched by heat that felt, according to one description, "as though my shirt was on fire." They were lucky: for instead of obliterating a metropolis, the meteorite that scientists believe caused the now-famous Tunguska Event landed in barren land in southern Siberia. The explosion left behind a burned-out moon-scape the size of Tokyo.

But the absence of a crater at the site, has scientists puzzling to this day about the true nature of the blast. You can read the full details right here.

Additional Article Source right here

MICHAEL Michael Kors Women's Gold Metallic Python Embossed Strap Watch
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