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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beverly Hills Movie Star Mansion For Sell: $60 Million

Living space is 25,000 square feet.

Lot size is 125,000 square feet.

Includes the guest units and staff quarters, there are now 17 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, elevators, a ballroom-size living room, an indoor dome glass spa, a gym, a swimming pool, a 35-mm home theater, a discotheque and parking for 30 cars.

The property, with sweeping views, is 2.7 acres.

Pickfair was a Hollywood mansion designed by California architect Wallace Neff and named as an amalgamation of the names of its original residents, silent film actors Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford.

Located at 1143 Summit Drive, in Beverly Hills. The property was a hunting lodge when purchased by Fairbanks and Pickford in 1919.

They renovated extensively to transform the lodge into a 22 room mansion luxuriously decorated with ceiling frescos and the highest quality art and furnishings available.

The property was said to have been the first private property in the Los Angeles area to include a swimming pool (set in a large formal garden).

Available for sale: $60,000,000

The U.S. Suffers: Russia Has Billions To Burn.

While America is paying the price (for years to come), for its unstoppable greed for cash and credit, the Russians(Petro Rich) can afford to spend $100 million on a Townhouse near the Kremlin........

Read more Moscow super-rich pour millions into luxury homes

Read Russian Billionaires

Russian Billionaires Private 400' Yacht

Russian Billionaires Private Boeing 767 Commercial Jet

Nobel Prize Winner: "The Bad News Will Get Worse..."

Statements by Joseph Stiglitz, who won the 2001 Nobel prize for economics:

Possible good news....
"The next president of the United States will be Barack Obama....."

The bad news......
"....In the markets, we'll see the Dow Jones index fall more steeply than we can imagine today... "

Bad news gets worse.....
"We will have other dramatic failures of financial institutions. The American economy is headed into a long recession...."

Read more Nobel laureate Stiglitz predicts Obama win, recession

That 19 Year Old Girl Is A "Nymphette"

"...no I'm not...."

Due to the depiction of the mythological nymphs as females who mate with men or women at their own volition and are completely outside male control, the term is often used for women who are perceived as behaving similarly.

The term "Nymphomania" was created by modern psychology as referring to a "desire to engage in human sexual behavior at a level high enough to be considered clinically significant", "Nymphomaniac" being the person suffering from such a disorder.

Due to widespread use of the term among lay persons (often shortened to "nympho") and stereotypes attached, professionals nowadays prefer the term "Hypersexuality" which can refer to males and females alike.

The word "nymphette" is used to identify a sexually precocious girl.

Source: wikipedia

OH NO! - "'It Sounds Dire, But Commerce Could Stop...'

"Look at me. I've got cash, I'm happy..."

Hillary Clinton: "....It sounds dire but there is a risk that commerce could grind to a halt,.."

Read more Clinton: 'It Sounds Dire, But Commerce Could Stop'

Finally: A Clean, Wholesome, Hollywood Actress

Brenda Song (born March 27, 1988) is an American actress, model, voice actor, host, and singer. After appearing in several television roles and advertisements during the late 1990s, Song earned a Young Artist Award for her work in The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000).

She went on to appear in successful feature films aimed at teens including Like Mike (2002) and College Road Trip (2008) and several successful teen television movies on Disney Channel including The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000), Get a Clue (2002), Stuck in the Suburbs (2004), and Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior (2006).

In 2005, Song landed a role in the hit Disney Channel Original Series, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody where she portrayed spoiled hotel heiress London Tipton. The shows ratings were the highest for a Disney Channel production in 2005.

Song reprised her role as London in the Suite Life spin-off, The Suite Life on Deck. In addition to acting, Song produced several episodes of the Suite Life and co-produced a Disney Channel pilot for a Suite Life spin-off, Arwin!.

She became an international teen idol in 2006 after she starred in Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior,which is one of the top rated Disney Channel Original Movies, with over 5.7 million viewers on the night of its premiere.

Song co-produced the film and will star in the Wendy Wu sequel.

Source: wikipedia

UPDATE: U.S. Just Lost More Than $2 Trillion

(Update: Total now stands at $2 Trillion U.S. loss)

In one fell swoop, the House of Representatives has applied a sledgehammer to the American economy.

The staggering plunge in the value of publicly quoted stocks in the US last night - a $1.2 trillion fall - shows more clearly than anything else just how much it had been holding out for a financial bail-out....

Read more Western world will become significantly less wealthy

THE 'REAL' ISSUE: Mortgages Given To People Unqualified To Repay Them

The current mess would never have occurred in the absence of ill-conceived federal policies. The federal government chartered Fannie Mae in 1938 and Freddie Mac in 1970; these two mortgage lending institutions are at the center of the crisis.

Homeowners unqualified is one of the central components of the current financial crisis.....

Read more Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer

The U.S. "“painful and lasting” economic damage...."

Trying to sell his financial rescue package for the second morning in a row, President Bush warned on national television Tuesday that the country will experience “painful and lasting” economic damage ........

Read more Bush warns of 'lasting' damage

Source: politico

Lymari Nadal: Incredible Beauty. Great Actress

Lymari Nadal (born 11 February 1978 in Ponce, Puerto Rico) is a Puerto Rican actress.

She came to Los Angeles in 2001, and at 22 years old finished her Masters degree in Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico, where she also took acting classes.

She has appeared in "American Family", "Battlestar Galactica", "Ladrones y Mentirosos", and with Denzel Washington in "American Gangster".

She is married to one of the Worlds best actors, Edward James Olmos.

The United States: A Pain In The Ass To The World

Wake up America.

Central banks around the world unveiled a plan to pump massive amounts of cash into the global banking system in a concerted effort to boost market confidence and inject liquidity into the global markets.

The move followed a fall in the Dow Jones of nearly........

Central banks pump in $620bn as shares plummet

Source: timesonline

HIV Positive? Welcome Aboard

US immigration officials on Monday announced moves to ease and speed up visa-processing for HIV-positive visitors to the United States, months after a 21-year entry ban on people with the virus was lifted.

Previously, people with HIV were banned from entering the United States unless they obtained a special waiver.

Read more US eases visa rules for HIV-positive visitors

Read It Now: Full Text Economic Rescue Bill

Full Text of economic rescue bill official summary;

I. Stabilizing the Economy

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA) provides up to $700 billion to the Secretary of the Treasury to buy mortgages and other assets that are clogging the balance sheets of financial institutions and making it difficult for working families, small businesses, and other companies to access credit, which is vital to a strong and stable economy. EESA also establishes a program that would allow companies to insure their troubled assets.

II. Homeownership Preservation

EESA requires the Treasury to modify troubled loans - many the result of predatory lending practices - wherever possible to help American families keep their homes. It also directs other federal agencies to modify loans that they own or control. Finally, it improves the HOPE for Homeowners program by expanding eligibility and increasing the tools available to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help more families keep their homes.

III. Taxpayer Protection

Taxpayers should not be expected to pay for Wall Street's mistakes. The legislation requires companies that sell some of their bad assets to the government to provide warrants so that taxpayers will benefit from any future growth these companies may experience as a result of participation in this program. The legislation also requires the President to submit legislation that would cover any losses to taxpayers resulting from this program by charging a small, broad-based fee on all financial institutions.

IV. No Windfalls for Executives

Executives who made bad decisions should not be allowed to dump their bad assets on the government, and then walk away with millions of dollars in bonuses. In order to participate in this program, companies will lose certain tax benefits and, in some cases, must limit executive pay. In addition, the bill limits "golden parachutes" and requires that unearned bonuses be returned.

V. Strong Oversight

Rather than giving the Treasury all the funds at once, the legislation gives the Treasury $250 billion immediately, then requires the President to certify that additional funds are needed ($100 billion, then $350 billion subject to Congressional disapproval). The Treasury must report on the use of the funds and the progress in addressing the crisis. EESA also establishes an Oversight Board so that the Treasury cannot act in an arbitrary manner. It also establishes a special inspector general to protect against waste, fraud and abuse.

HR 3997 -- Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
Full PDF

Read the Full Proposed bailout of United States financial system

Read Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

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Celebrate Rosh Hashanah

(A shofar made from a ram's horn)

Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: ראש השנה‎, literally "head of the year," Biblical: IPA: [ˈɾoʃ haʃːɔˈnɔh], Israeli: [ˈʁoʃ haʃaˈna], Yiddish: [ˈroʊʃ hɑˈʃɔnə]) is a Jewish holiday commonly referred to as the "Jewish New Year."

It is observed on the first day of Tishrei, the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar, as ordained in the Torah, in Leviticus 23:24. Rosh Hashanah is the first of the High Holidays or Yamim Noraim ("Days of Awe"), or Asseret Yemei Teshuva (The Ten Days of Repentance) which are days specifically set aside to focus on repentance that conclude with the holiday of Yom Kippur.

Rosh Hashanah is the start of the civil year in the Hebrew calendar (one of four "new year" observances that define various legal "years" for different purposes). It is the new year for people, animals, and legal contracts. The Mishnah also sets this day aside as the new year for calculating calendar years and sabbatical (shmita) and jubilee (yovel) years. Rosh Hashanah commemorates the creation of man whereas five days earlier, on 25 of Elul, marks the first day of creation.

Learn more about Rosh Hashanah

Monday, September 29, 2008

IRAN: U.S. War Threat A Joke

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again took aim at the West in July, blaming the US and Europe for "artificially" raising oil prices and dismissing as "a funny joke" fears that his country could come under attack.

New Law In Iran: Death penalty for 'online crimes'

Source: jpost.com

The Black Billionaires

According to the 2008 Forbes International Billionaire List, Aliko Dangote, with a net worth of $3.3 billion is the richest black person in the world, overtaking Oprah Winfrey who was listed as the only black billionaire for three straight years. Oprah is the second richest with $2.7 billion.

South African gold magnate, Patrice Motsepe, was also listed with a net worth of $2.4 billion. Aliko and Motseps are the first black Africans to ever appear on the Forbes international rich list, however, Mobutu, the Congolese president, and Sani Abacha, the Nigerian military leader, were probably billionaires when they were alive but Forbes could never confirm this (according to Forbes magazine's Kerry Dolan).

From 2001-2003, Forbes listed Black Entertainment Television founder Bob Johnson as a billionaire, but dropped him after his fortune was split in his divorce from his wife Sheila.

He returned to Forbes international rich list in 2007 with a net worth of $1.1 billion USD. In 2008 Johnson's wealth dropped further to approximately $1.0 billion USD even.

Afro-multiracial billionaires have also been identified. Forbes international richest list includes Michael Lee-Chin of Canada, who is of Chinese and Jamaican ancestry. Saudi-Arabian billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi has black ancestry because his mother is from Ethiopia, but rich lists classify him as Arab. Also included is Mo Ibrahim, a British billionaire of Sudanese Nubian ancestry.

Source: wikipedia

1973: The Year OPEC Shut Off Oil To The U.S.

The 1973 oil crisis began on October 17, 1973, when the members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC, consisting of the Arab members of OPEC plus Egypt and Syria) announced, as a result of the ongoing Yom Kippur War, that they would no longer ship oil to nations that had supported Israel in its conflict with Syria, Egypt, and Iraq (the United States, its allies in Western Europe, and Japan).

At the same time, OPEC members agreed to use their leverage over the world price-setting mechanism for oil in order to raise world oil prices, after the failure of negotiations with the "Seven Sisters" earlier in the month. Because of the dependence of the industrialized world on crude oil and the predominant role of OPEC as a global supplier, these price increases were dramatically inflationary to the economies of the targeted countries, while at the same time suppressive of economic activity. The targeted countries responded with a wide variety of new, and mostly permanent, initiatives to contain their further dependency.

Growing fears about eventual Western energy independence, various security threats, and the absence of a Western rival in the geo-political competition over the Middle-East led the Arab states in a more dependent relationship with the West. This is most explicit in Saudi Arabia's consistent policy of price and production moderation in an effort to reduce the chances of Western alienation and the opportunity costs for alternative energy production.The exchange for Western moderation in Arab-Israeli affairs ultimately led to a reshaping of the Middle-Eastern geo-political landscape that was significantly less advantageous than prior to 1973.

Source: wikipedia

The Beautiful Body of Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett I. Johansson (born November 22, 1984) is an actress and singer, of dual American and Danish citizenship.

Johansson rose to fame with her role in 1998's The Horse Whisperer and subsequently gained critical acclaim for her roles in Ghost World, Lost in Translation (for which she won a BAFTA), and Girl with a Pearl Earring, the latter two earning her Golden Globe Award nominations in 2003.

Read more Scarlett Johansson

The Incredible Body of Actor Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds ("Smok'in Aces') this weekend married Actress Scarlett Johansson.

Ryan has always worked, and so should you.

It is said he did not only gain 20 pounds of muscles for the film "Blade Trinity", but also reduced his body fat percentage from 11% to 3%.

Whether the body fat percentage was really 3%, the point is to look at his workout regimen as well as his diet plan and learn something out from his transformation success....

Want To Build Body Like Ryan Reynolds?

Source: MunFitnessBlog.Com

Chef Dies After Eating 'superhot' Chili

An amateur chef died the day after eating a "superhot" chilli in a bet with his friend over who could make the hottest dish...

Read more Chef dies after eating 'superhot' chilli for bet

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

Welcome To Chaos, U.S.A.

Anyone who thinks the severe 'crisis' in the U.S. will end anytime soon, is a fool. Bad financial decisions made in the U.S., and their final results are a way of life.

From Homeowners to Congress. A good lesson, is never learned.

With more 'chaos' on the way.

Once Americans' get on the right course? They easily stray.....

Heres' another example of our unending lust for 'disaster'.......

Read more Wall Street tumbles as fear grips the markets

What is Chaos

Warren Buffett knew 5 Years a go: "A Time Bomb"

Five years ago, billionaire investor Warren Buffett called financial derivatives a "time bomb" and "financial weapons of mass destruction" and directed the insurance arm of his Berkshire Hathaway Inc to exit the business.

Read more"A Time Bomb"

McCain Proposed $10 Billion For Safer Fixed-Rate Loans

Proposed to spend up to $10 billion to allow some homeowners to trade high-interest, adjustable-rate mortgages for safer, fixed-rate loans.

* Proposed a suspension of the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and 24.4 cent diesel tax during the summer.

* Supports a middle-class tax cut to help those who are trying to raise a family by doubling the personal tax exemption for dependents to $7,000.

* Called for a simpler tax system with two tax rates and a generous standard deduction.

* Supports making permanent the 2001 and 2003 income tax cuts and has proposed cutting the corporate tax rate to 25 percent from 35 percent and allowing businesses to immediately write off capital expenses.

* Believes government assistance to banking system should be based solely on preventing systemic risk that would endanger the entire financial system and economy.

Source: reuters

Barack Proposed $10 Billion Foreclosure Prevention Fund

Called for greater government regulation of the U.S. financial system and proposed a new $30 billion economic stimulus plan to help homeowners.

* The $30 billion plan includes a $10 billion foreclosure prevention fund to help people keep their homes.

It also includes $10 billion in relief for state and local governments hit hardest by housing crisis.

* Outlined six "core principles for reform" that would give the Federal Reserve supervisory authority over any financial institution to which it might make credit available and calls for reform and streamlining of financial regulatory agencies.

* Wants to repeal a provision in bankruptcy law so ordinary families can modify terms of home mortgages.

* Proposed a 10 percent mortgage tax credit for middle-class Americans.

Source: reuters

UPDATE: U.S. Presidential Election

The United States presidential election of 2008, scheduled for Tuesday November 4, 2008, will be the 56th consecutive quadrennial United States presidential election and will select the President of the United States and Vice President of the United States.

The Republican Party has chosen John McCain, the senior United States Senator from Arizona as its nominee; Barack Obama, the junior United States Senator from Illinois, has been chosen as the nominee for the Democratic Party.

The 2008 election is particularly notable because it is the first time in U.S. history that two sitting senators will run against each other for president, and because it is the first time an African American is a presidential nominee for a major party, as well as the first time both major candidates were born outside the continental United States - Hawaii for Obama and the Panama Canal Zone for McCain.

With African American candidate Barack Obama, who is of mixed African and Caucasian parentage, as the Democratic Party nominee for President and John McCain's selection of female Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican Party nominee for Vice-President, the eventual winning ticket is very likely to have a historic context, as either the first African American will be elected President along with the first Roman Catholic as Vice President or the first woman will be elected Vice President.

The Libertarian Party has nominated former Congressman Bob Barr, the Constitution Party has nominated pastor and radio talk show host Chuck Baldwin, and the Green Party has nominated former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Ralph Nader declined to seek the Green Party nomination and is running as an independent candidate.

The election will coincide with the 2008 Senate elections in thirty-three states, House of Representatives elections in all states, and gubernatorial elections in eleven states, as well as various state referendums and local elections.

As in the 2004 presidential election, the allocation of electoral votes to each state will be based partly on the 2000 Census.

The president-elect and vice president-elect are scheduled to be inaugurated on January 20, 2009.

Iran Has The U.S. By The Ba**s

According to Britain's Guardian newspaper, Bush earlier this year nixed an Israeli plan to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

Reportedly, the President said no because we couldn't afford Iranian retaliation against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan or Iran closing down Persian Gulf shipping.

Read more Bet on Israel bombing Iran

Source: daily news

The FBI: Inside The Mortgage Mess

The number of FBI agents assigned to mortgage-related crimes increased by 50 percent between 2007 and 2008.

In June 2008, the FBI stated that its mortgage fraud caseload has doubled in the past three years to more than 1,400 pending cases.

Between 1 March and 18 June 2008, 406 people were arrested for mortgage fraud in an FBI sting across the country. People arrested include buyers, sellers and others across the wide-ranging mortgage industry.

On 19 June 2008, two former Bear Stearns Stearns managers were arrested by the FBI, and were the first Wall Street executives arrested related to the subprime lending crisis. They were suspected of misleading investors about the risky subprime mortgage market.

On 23 September 2008, two government officials stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was looking into the possibility of fraud by mortgage financing companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, and insurer American International Group.

Source: wikipedia

Millionaire Banker Jumps In Front of 100mph Train

Mr Kirk Stephenson is believed to have taken his own life after succumbing to mounting personal pressures as the world’s financial markets went into a meltdown...

Read more Credit crunch banker leaps to his death in front of express train

What is a Meltdown?

Goldman Sachs: The New Masters of The Universe

The Financial Times said Goldman Sachs plans to talk to U.S. regulators to find $50 billion in assets it could by from the struggling banks.

Those assets would be in addition to the $150 billion of its own assets it is moving to its Utah industrial loan corporation, a bank regulated in that state, the report said.

Despite the 2007-2008 subprime mortgage crisis, Goldman was able to profit from the collapse in subprime mortgage bonds in the summer of 2007 by selling subprime mortgage-backed securities short. Two Goldman traders, Michael Swenson and Josh Birnbaum, are credited with bearing responsibility for the firm's large profits during America's sub-prime mortgage crisis.

The pair, who are part of Goldman's structured products group in New York, made a profit of $4 billion by "betting" on a collapse in the sub-prime market, and shorting mortgage-related securities.

By summer of 2007, they persuaded colleagues to see their point of view and talked around skeptical risk management executives

Read more Goldman seeks to buy up to $50 billion in assets

Source: reuters - wikipedia

Is The United States Brain Dead?

The economy of the United States is the largest national economy in the world. Its gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated as $13.8 trillion in 2007.

As of June 2008, the gross U.S. external debt was over $13 trillion, the most external debt of all countries in the world.

Bankrupt, bailout, failures....

Is the U.S. Brain Dead?

In simple terms, brain death is the irreversible end of all brain activity (including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life) due to total necrosis of the cerebral neurons following loss of blood flow and oxygenation.

Lesbian Actress Caused Mom's Stroke?

According to Actress Miriam Margolyes, star of "Harry Potter", she told of confessing to her mother that she was a lesbian, and it led to her mother having a severe stroke from which she never fully recovered.

Margolyes is openly lesbian and has been with her partner for 40 years. She described herself as "gay" and mentioned her relationships with women several times when she appeared on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs in September 2008.

Read more My lesbian confession led to mother's stroke

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Miss Russian Breasts 2008'

UPDATE: Here Is The Proposed Bailout of U.S. Financial Systems

Read it here Proposed bailout of U.S. financial system

BUSH: Without Plan....."Disastrous To America"

"Without this rescue plan, the costs to the American economy could be disastrous," Bush said in a written statement released by the White House....

Read more $700B rescue plan finalized House to vote Monday

Learn all about The U.S. Economy

Paul Newman - R.I.P.

Politics: The Sex Party

The Sex Party is a political party based in British Columbia, Canada, that contests provincial elections to promote libertarian and sex-positive attitudes towards sexual education, indecency laws and prostitution. It describes itself as "the world's first registered political party dedicated exclusively to sex-positive issues."

The Sex Party was founded in 2005. Its leader is John Ince, a lawyer, longtime sexual politics activist, and co-owner of "The Art of Loving", a store that sells sex-related products.

During the 2005 provincial election campaign, the party staged a fundraising event that included sexually explicit performance art produced by artist Marcus Bowcott. The BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch refused to allow the event in any premises licensed to sell liquor, citing regulations regarding exotic dancers and prohibiting "live, realistic or simulated sex acts," as well as performers touching each other or touching the audience.

The Party responded with a lawsuit alleging a violation of its constitutional rights, arguing that the art exhibits were adult-oriented presentations and were legal as long as they were announced as such. The art was chosen to express political themes and should therefore be seen as political discourse.

Read more The Sex Party

Source: wikipedia

Dr. Eugene Shoemaker: Only Person Ever To Be Buried On The Moon

Eugene Merle Shoemaker:

Dr. Shoemaker helped pioneer the field of astrogeology by founding the Astrogeology Research Program of the USGS in 1961 at Flagstaff, Arizona. He was its first director. He was prominently involved in the Lunar Ranger missions to the Moon, which showed that the Moon was covered with a wide size range of impact craters. Dr. Shoemaker was also involved in the training of the American astronauts.

He was set to be the first geologist to walk on the Moon but was disqualified due to being diagnosed with Addison's disease, a disorder of the adrenal gland. Shoemaker would train astronauts during field trips to Meteor Crater and Sunset Crater near Flagstaff.

Coming to Caltech in 1969, he started a systematic search for Earth orbit-crossing asteroids, which resulted in the discovery of several families of such asteroids, including the Apollo asteroids.

Dr. Shoemaker spent much of his later years searching for and finding several previously unnoticed or undiscovered meteor craters around the world. It was during one such expedition that Dr. Shoemaker died in a car accident while on the Tanami Road northwest of Alice Springs, Australia in July 1997.

On July 31, 1999, some of his ashes were carried to the Moon by the Lunar Prospector space probe in a capsule designed by Carolyn Porco. To date, he is the only person to have been buried on the Moon.

The brass foil wrapping of Dr. Shoemaker's memorial capsule is inscribed with images of Comet Hale-Bopp, the Barringer Crater, and a quotation from Romeo and Juliet reading:

"And, when he shall die
Take him and cut him out in little stars
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun."

U.N. Needs To Prepare For Killer Asteroids

It has happened before and it will happen again.

A Killer Asteroid hits Earth.

Will we be ready?

Read more UN urged to coordinate killer asteroid defences

UPDATE: Bigger is Better for G-Spot

So how do you tell if you've got a G spot? Sadly, because Skene's glands are so well hidden by the surrounding tissue, no visual examination can reveal if a women has them or not. Only personal experience can do the trick.

Read more Bigger is better when it comes to the G spot

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