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Friday, July 31, 2009

Question: Who is a "Jew by Birth?"

In traditional Judaism, a Jew is a person born to a Jewish mother or who is a convert to Judaism. No other way to recognition is allowed for. As a result, the mere acceptance of the principles and practices of Judaism does not by themselves make a person a Jew. But, conversely, those born Jewish do not lose that status because they cease to be observant Jews, even if they adopt the practices of another religion.

The Orthodox or Conservative requirement for a valid conversion is that the candidate for conversion understand the obligations of being a Jew, show commitment to fulfilling these obligations,(for a male) to undergo Brit milah ritual
circumcision or one of its exceptions, perform immersion in a mikvah, and satisfy the scrutiny of a Beit din, or rabbinical court.

The beit din act not only as judges but as witnesses in the course of conversion, and it follows that its members must be suitable and qualified for these purposes.

The definition of "who is a Jew" has become an important issue in Israeli politics. Following the independence of the modern State of Israel in 1948, the Law of Return gave any "Jew" the right to immigrate to Israel, find safe haven and become a full citizen.

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